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A Certain Kind of Happy: Address is Approximate

When pondering the possible, is it just me, or have you ever thought about what goes on while you are away or asleep in your own space? I think as a kid those kinds of thoughts are more common and seem to fade away as "reality" or "common sense" take over our adult brains.

Fortunately, the creative among us continue to remind us that childhood questions are still fun to contemplate.

My husband is a collector and has a fascination with things like globes, vintage bowling balls (guaranteed to generate conversation and some eye rolling to anyone who enters our house) and robots.  So, when I saw this stop animation short produced by The Theory and directed by Tom Jenkins, it gave me that kid-like smile and happy feeling you get when you surrender to the fact anything is possible.  Take a look at how they've brought robots to life and taken them on a journey using Google Street View....

A Certain Kind of Happy always includes giving yourself permission to be a kid again.  For more on Theory Films, click here.

While you do that, I think I'd better go check on these guys... Orange SpacemanBlue Spaceman