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A Certain Kind of Happy: The Meditation of Pattern

Wollman Rink ~ Central Park ~ New York I’ll admit it up front – I’m lousy at meditation.  I have a beautiful, serene, private, and comfortable space in the yard where I can go anytime, stretch out on a lounge and gaze at Buddha.  The truth is one of my Cairn Terriers, Bodhi, uses it far more than I do.  If I can’t see him when I look out in the yard and he doesn’t come when I call, I just walk around to the side of the house and sure enough, he’s there, popping his head over the top of chair with a look that says ‘it better be important, I’m meditating’.  

 I’ve got ‘monkey mind’ which jumps from topic to topic and either reviews the day past or the day to come.  To get the chatter to stop is a struggle which is why I relinquish the space to Bodhi.  He clearly has it figured out.  Dogs are so good at living in the moment…

 But here’s the thing – I seem to be able to mediate through photographs which is convenient, I know, given this is a photo based ecard site!  There’s no question that certain images work better than others.  There is something about the repetition of patterns, whether man-made or found in nature that is particularly meditation inducing.

 A spectacular source of inspiration is the aerial photography of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer whose images are both inspiring and calming.  He most generously has over 2000 of them available from 108 countries on his website for download as wallpaper.  Click on the images to below to enlarge and see where they are from. There’s a link at the end of the post that will take you to his site.

Roof Terrace ~ Monte Carlo - Monaco


Motorway ~ Honshu, Japan


Leman Lake ~ Switzerland


Flamingos ~ near Aleppo, Syria


Housing Estate ~ Singapore




In the end, meditation is about perspective...and that's what these photos give me. To create a gallery of your own wallpapers for meditation, go to Yann Arthus-Bertrand's website here.