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JR: Changing The World With Paper and Paste

As someone who believes images can be more powerful than words, this belief was recently reinforced when I became aware of JR, a French street artist/photographer who won the 2011 TED prize for several of his thought provoking and masterful projects where he was able to start a dialog between opposing sides in global conflicts (Face2Face) as well as open a window to women's roles in war and in communities where they face hardship in a world dominated by men (Women are Heroes). The breadth of his projects are ambitious and continue to grow as he returns to locations to add more images to his original canvas. That canvas is generally a building but can also be a train, a bridge, or other expanse which is large enough to contain his photographs. To try to describe the work hardly does it justice, so here's a video which in bound to fascinate and motivate all of us who believe change is possible.

For more information on his projects, books and videos, just click here.