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Visual Ecstasy

As one of my all-time favorite websites, UrbanSketchers consistently delivers a visual respite from daily life by allowing me to take a peek into artist's lives through their art. The contributors all have an outstanding body of work, and my current favorites are Rob Carey, Tommy Kane (who also has a hysterical blog), Pete Scully, Thomas Thorspecken and Paul Heaston (whose architectural sketches are mind blowing in detail). What is particularly fascinating to me is the occasional video in which you get to see the sketch in context - a little bit of a look into the surrounding geo location and if you're lucky, a quick look at the artist at work. Here's one of Rob Carey's work:

And one of Tommy Kane in Cambodia - which has an added bonus of being a travel video as well as showing his resulting work!

I could spend hours just enjoying the various artist correspondents on UrbanSketchers - hope you join me!