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Ordinary Magic

One of the greatest gifts in my life lately has been the discovery of Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project which is an online series of interviews with people from all walks of life. My first introduction was via the interview he did with Captain L. David Marquet, U.S. Navy (retired) which is an exceptional interview on leadership. In skimming the latest interviews posted today, I clicked on the conversation with Susan Piver entitled Mindfulness, Serendipity and the Unplanned Life. My immediate reaction when I find I'm becoming very engaged in this kind of a chat is to grab a pen so I can at least jot down some of the points that resonate with me. Here's what grabbed me:

  • Trust yourself to come up with the Answers.  What are the Questions?
  • You can't 'game' creativity and you can't 'game' love.  (very true and good stuff in this dialog)
  • What could I do with my precious human birth?
  • Don't teach anyone anything, help them discover something. ~ Sakyong Mipham

If you want to listen to a thought provoking conversation between Susan and Jonathan, grab a beverage and settle in for some really great "Ordinary Magic"!

And for more information for both Susan and Jonathan, click here. Jonathan Fields: The Good Life Project Susan Piver: Open Heart Project