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Good Works - "You are the Future of Philanthropy"

As someone who is very much interested in online philanthropy (you all should know by now that we are big fans of Kiva here at HarmonyWishes!), I find it fascinating to watch the growing interest in various types of volunteerism involving time and talent as well as money. Katherine Fulton, President of the Monitor Institute, addresses the subject eloquently in a recently posted podcast at Ted.com in which she talks about the ‘democratization of philanthropy’ and how it is no longer an act associated with the wealthy.  The new ‘moral hunger’ she references is something I certainly feel in my life – the strong need for us to build community through good works.

The last few minutes are particularly powerful – I strongly encourage you to listen and see what your answer is.  We’d love to hear.

Gandhi's quote "...be the change you want to see in the world" never seemed more applicable.