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A Certain Kind of Happy: Helping Others Thrive

“Refugee”~ Noun "A person who flees for refuge or safety; often to a foreign country; generally in the face of political upheaval."

When I consider that definition, I feel like that could be many of us. We may be refugees in our own country, our life, emotions or body. In my case, my refugee status is something I embrace – when I lived in Mexico for three years I felt the happiest I’ve ever been and I long for that feeling again. I’m fortunate in that my refugee status is self-imposed. Many are not so lucky.

Which is why when I found The Global Village Project, it created in me that Certain Kind of Happy. The GVP is located in Decatur, Georgia and is where teenage girls who are survivors of war enter the country with the US Refugee Relocation Program. Most of these girls are from Burma, Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Thailand.

What a gift to be able to give these girls an education tailored for their needs and not put them in the public school system where they get lost, socially and sometimes physically abused, and drop out.

There is a documentary about GVP that puts the reality back into reality show. Here’s the trailer.

If every community had this kind of system to help refugees, what a wonderful country this would be where inclusion trumps indifference and these girls are understood to be real, not a headline we glance at every day and dismiss as a far off injustice over which we have no power or involvement.

This is the world I want to live in. Where kindness and the willingness to help other cultures assimilate into ours is the norm, not the exception.

If you want to watch the entire 60 minute documentary, you can find it here on IMBD. For Free!

If you'd like to get involved, you can find them here.