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A Certain Kind of Happy: The Intersection of Courage and Compassion

If you’re not familiar with Africa Mercy, the ship that docks for months at a time along various ports on the African coastline and delivers lifesaving treatment to the poor in countries where even the simplest treatable problem can end up in death without proper care, I encourage you to take 12 minutes out of your day to watch this video from CBS 60 minutes. It focuses on patients with benign facial tumors which are disfiguring and dehumanizing, but even if you’re a bit squeamish about these types of things, it’s well worth the look when you see the outcome. And I’m not referring to merely the physical outcome, but the soul centered one too. For people who have been ostracized socially to be treated by the angel nurses and doctors on Africa Mercy as human beings is life changing. You won’t see the tumor, you’ll see the person.

Behind the façade of some pretty good plastic surgery in our society lies some pretty ugly, shallow people. I’ll take the humanity I see behind these people’s eyes any day. It just makes me A Certain Kind of Happy to know there are those on the Africa Mercy who see the person trapped inside the body they’ve been given and can help.

For more information on Mercy Africa, click here.