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People I'd Like To Hang Out With - Maysoon Zayid

Have you ever thought about having a party and picking 25 people to invite, just 'because'? The 'because' can be a number of reasons - sense of humor, easy to be around, special talent, similar interests - whatever the reason, if you really took your time and assembled your group over the course of 6 or more months, what would it look like? And it can't be anyone you personally know. That's what I'd like to explore in this series called People I'd Like To Hang Out With. When I've reached 25, I'll put a virtual party together on this blog just to see who would be invited. First guest, Maysoon Zayid. I came across her on TED and this is a chick to hang with. Love her sense of humor and gift of perspective. If you take a few minutes to watch her talk, you'll understand why.

She's definitely got a place at the table!